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The Library and Information Science Student Association is the Rutgers University graduate student chapter of the American Library Association. Our goals include providing students with opportunities to make connections and share ideas. We strive to build a network that promotes reciprocity and professional development. Rutgers MI students are automatically members of LISSA and can choose their degree of involvement.

LISSA is also your liaison with faculty and administration regarding concerns with the MI curriculum. We aim to improve your experience in the program, but we can’t do so without your input. All MI students are welcome at our meetings (hosted on-campus and online) and are encouraged to participate. In addition, all students in the MI program are required to join the LISSA mailing list. By subscribing to the LISSA LISTSERV, MI students will receive email messages and announcements from the department, faculty, students, and your LISSA representatives. To subscribe, go here and click on “comminfo_lissa.” We hope to see you at our meetings and events!